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Mode Solver on a CLuster

    • schinta3


      We have an HPC cluster with only headless nodes (no X11 forwarding). Is there any way to run MODE without the GUI, or process .lms files in any way?


      Essentially we would like to use this methodology from command line.

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      You cannot run the Lumerical "script.lsf" on a headless cluster. Lumerical scripts require a GUI connection to run. 

      >>Lumerical product components and licensing overview – Ansys Optics 

      You can only run the "simulation_file.lms" directly from the terminal or on your cluster's job scheduler submission script. 

      >>Running simulations using terminal in Linux – Ansys Optics 

      The command line to run the "simulation.lms" file would be something like this: (default install path for 2023 R1 shown) 

      /opt/lumerical/v231/mpich2/nemesis/bin/mpiexec -n 4 /opt/lumerical/v231/bin/fd-engine -t 1 simulationfile.lms
      /opt/lumerical/v231/mpich2/nemesis/bin/mpiexec -n 4 /opt/lumerical/v231/bin/eme-engine-mpich2nem -t 1 simulationfile.lms
      /opt/lumerical/v231/mpich2/nemesis/bin/mpiexec -n 4 /opt/lumerical/v231/bin/varfdtd-engine-mpich2nem -t 1 simulationfile.lms

      See also the KB guide below on how to run sweeps without the CAD. 

      >>Running parameter sweeps without the CAD – Ansys Optics

      Hope this helps. 

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