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Model and Stress distribution from Ansys to LS Dyna

    • Salem Obaid

      I am creating an additive manufactured Model with Iherent strain, LPBF function in Ansys and have created the model to study the residual stress. 

      How can I import the model in LS Dyna for further research?



    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Salem, 

      can you be clear what you want to export/ achieve ?

      Cheers, Ram 

    • Salem Obaid

      Hi Ram, 

      after I got the results (in model to be examined Stresses) there are Stresses in each element of the Mesh. Now I would like to export the Model with the stress built in the model


      What I could do, is to export an .STL file and insert it in LS Dyna, but infortinatly there were no bulit in stress to complete forther studies on it. 


      I hope you could help me with that. 


      Best regards, 


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