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Model built in APDL appears not to have mass

    • floatingstones

      Hello all,

      I have built a model (geometry + mesh) in Mechanical APDL and archived it as a .cdb file. Then I imported it in Mechanical (Workbench) for applying B.C. and loads, and visualizing results.

      It is a surface model, however, the information on shell thickness is also imported from the .cbd file. In the geometry properties, the mass displayed is the true value, a nonzero value.

      However, when I apply gravity to check the deformation of the structure under its own weight, I obtain all zero deformation. Not even a gradient, just entirely 0 (well... 3.6e-16 m...).

      Does anyone have an idea why this happens?

      (PS: I know this might not be the best way to couple mechanical APDL with workbench, but I was having problems building and meshing outside of APDL, so this seemed the best way at the moment. I'm testing other methods now but I still want to know the reason why this happens!)

    • Dave Looman
      Ansys Employee
      Did you perhaps scope something to the whole model with the Rigid Behavior set? Is the model fully constrained? Any warnings in the output file?
    • floatingstones
      not sure if I understood your first question. As for the second, yes, it is clamped-free.
      And yes, there is a warning - see below:
      I couldn't find out how to filter the tree using different Scoping options yet.

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