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Model disappears when closing and re-loading keyword file

    • Jonathan Watson-Dymond


      I'm new to LS-DYNA and have worked through a few tutorials.

      I am creating a new model of an RC column.Twice now I have got as far as modelling the reinforcement with line elements and then meshing them before saving the keyword file.

      When I close and reload the file (typically after a few days), the modelled reinforcement has disappeared and there is no explorer tree on the left hand side, which was previously showing all the line elements.

      All settings, toolbars etc. previously on are still on.

      It doesn't appear to be a view issue, autocenter and clicking the front/back/top etc. doesn't help.

      I'm essentially doing the same as shown in this video:

      I'm using the LS-DYNA student version 4.7.17.

      Any help appreciated.



    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      few checks to see if the model had all sort of elements in it, view with text file editor and look for all the beam and solids elemnts cards and parts are intact, if not you need to fix it either by recreating or starting from scratch. 

      if you are refering "LS-DYNA student version 4.7.17 " as LS-PREPOST, use 4.8 which might be stable and see if you can restore the model there if your file not corrupted. 

      this is just to start based on the response you might get futher guidlines. 

      cheers, ram

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