Model electrical conductivity in ansys fluent in formula with varying resistance

    • Luis Pusey-Alvarado



      I'm trying to solve the following issue.


      I have an aluminum wire in a fluid domain.


      I am applying 18 volts on one side of the wire. the electric resistance changes with temperature change according to this formula : 𝑅=𝑅01+𝛼(𝑇𝑇0)R=R_0 (1+α(T-T_0)) where Temperature Coefficient: 0.002 1/K and Resistance at 20°C: 11.23 Ohm.


      in Fluent material properties for aluminum I have to add electric conductivity, there is no option to add the resistance. How can I write the electric conductivity as an expression with a varying resistance with the formula above?



    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, Under Electrical Conductivity options, you can select Expression and then input the expression as required.

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