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General Mechanical

Model Fiber Metal Laminate on ANSYS ACP pre/post and tensile test to get max stress

    • Mubashir

      I want to Model a Fiber Metal laminate with a 2-1 configuration having Glass reinforced composite and AL2024 T3. I want to know the following:

      1. I want to include the elastic-plastic behavior of the metal( as I want to test the FML until it breaks)

      2. What effect the delamination criterion has on the tensile strength of the FML.

      3. If we assume an FML with no delamination in tensile testing then is it necessary to still include the delamination criterion and will it affect the strength value.

      4. Where can we expect the stress-strain curve to lie i.e while comparing with the curves of metal and Fiber-reinforced composite?

      5. And whether to carry out analysis using static structural or explicit dynamics if I want to know where the specimen breaks Thankyou

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