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Model for computing S-Parameters for Mettallic Waveguides in HFSS

    • Hptrivedi

      Hi, I want to understand how HFSS Computes S - Parameters for Metallic Waveguides. Because the S11 shows a good match even for frequencies below cut-off, whereas the S21 shows that there is heavy attenuation for frequencies below the cut-off. Also, I want to understand  the model used in HFSS to compute the S-Parameter matrix for unnormalized (Do not Renormalize) Waveports. I can model the S parameters computed by HFSS for a metallic waveguide in another software for the waveports which are Renormalized to 50 Ohm (using port impedances computed by HFSS) and get a similar result as HFSS, but cannot model the unnormalized (Do not Renormalize) waveport. 

      kindly help.

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