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Modelating a Point absorber using Aqwa

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    • JohnWEC

      Hello, I have a question about modeling a power take-off system for a point absorber(Wave energy converter) in ansys AQWA. Also, is there a way to calculate the recovered energy using the software?

      Thank you very much.

    • Mike Pettit
      Ansys Employee
      In the simplest case, you could include an Additional Damping matrix for the structure, where the additional force due to this damping can be recorded by adding a Structure Forces > Linear Damping Only plot to the time domain Solution in Aqwa Workbench.
      For more complex systems, you can connect the time domain Aqwa solver to a Python server, and write your own user-defined force function to model the additional force which is applied to the structure due to the power take-off system. You can find examples and instructions in your installation, in C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v221\aqwa\utils\ExternalForceCalculation (changing the version number in this path as necessary).
      Cheers, Mike
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