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General Mechanical

Modeling a plastic ball and compressed air inside it

    • Amirhosein Heydari

      Hello everyone!

      I want to model a rubber ball and the air inside it. So far, I was able to model the hyper elastic material and its internal pressure as a constant pressure. But the problem here is that I want the air pressure inside the ball to increase during the force applied to the ball. When I use air material, it gives an error like below:
      "Air contains invalid property data. These problems are:
       Elasticity is required, but is currently undefined."
        Does anyone have a solution for this problem? In general, can such a problem be solved in the structural module of Ansys or I have to solve in FSI?
      I would be very grateful if you could guide me.🙏🌸
    • HuiLiu
      Ansys Employee

      Hi the default Air properties won't work for your application. You can consider using the hydrostatic elements. See this link:


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