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Modeling composite with solid185

    • Oimpa
      Hello to all
      I want to model a multi-layer composite with Solid185. Composite has 4 layers of different thickness and direction

      1-Do I need to make a volume with the thickness of the entire layers for modeling? Or should I model each layer separately?

      2- Is the SECOFFSET option like Shell281 available for solid185?

      3- Do I need to define a local coordinate system for each layer?
    • Sean Harvey
      Ansys Employee



      You just need the volume to match the total thickness, you do not need to model each layer as separate volume.

      The secoffset is not valid for solid elements as the solid continium completely represents the topology, so there is no idealization like with a shell

      You need to define the element coordinate system attribute esys for the volume or elements depending on how they vary.  The x direction of the element coordinate system is the reference direction or the 0 direction of a layup (use the sectype and secdata commands to define the material, thickness, and angle of the plies.

      Note that in a simple case the entire volume may have a constant reference direction, but in a complex part, that direction may vary from element to element, so esys is an attribute on every element.   Once you define the ply angle on the secdata, keep in mind that angle is with respect to the 0 direction of the esys.

      Let us know if that helps.  Thank you


    • Oimpa
      Thank you for your reply

      In the shell elements, turning on the option Display of element (/eshape), composite layers were shown in the model.
      Can the layers in the model be seen in the solid Element?
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