Modeling electrical conductivity as a function of electrical resistance

    • Luis Pusey-Alvarado

      Hi every body :

      Hoping that everything is going well.

      i need urgent help please.

      -the electrical conductivity in my problem is not constant, it changes with electric resistance, and this electric resistance changes with temperature.

      the electric resistance in my problem is given by 𝑅=𝑅_0 (1+𝛼(π‘‡βˆ’π‘‡_0)) where T_0 is 20C and T is static temperature of the wire. and R_0 is 11Ohm.

      how can I write an expression to incorporate this resistance into the conductivity for aluminum in fluent. thanks

    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, Under Electrical Conductivity options, you can select Expression and then input the expression as required.

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