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General Mechanical

modeling of laminated composite beam patched with piezoelectric layer

    • hosseinmobaraki

      I have modeled a laminated composite beam patched with piezoelectric layers from a paper in workbench. The natural frequencies of my simulation and those reported in paper (case 2) are far away from each other. I attached both paper and my simulation. I would be pleased to help me.

      best regards,

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
      nYou can compare the model for deformation. Say you get the same deformation between experimental and analysis setup then the stiffness of the structure must be the same.nAlso, check for the mass. If these two parameters look fine (assuming the rest of the setup is fine) then there should be a match between natural frequency as well.nnRegards,nAshish Khemka
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