Modeling TDK PC95 Ferrite in ANSYS Electronics Desktop

    • reebaln

      I am designing a wireless power transfer coil. I am trying to create a ferrite material that behaves like TDK's PC95 ferrite in the datasheet. However, I don't know how to extract the data from the plots for any of the inputs. I know that Cm is a coefficient and X and Y are exponents in the core loss equation. How do I account for the Relative permittivity, Dielectric loss tangent, Magnetic loss tangent? 

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    • rmagargl
      Ansys Employee

      To start you can use the AC Eddy Current solver for a frequency domain simulation.  You can use the Sheetscan tool inside of Maxwell to extract the real and imaginary permeability data from the datasheet (search the help for Sheetscan).  The real permeability and the ratio of imaginary to real permeability can be used respectively for the permeability and loss tangent input fields as functions of frequency and/or temperature.  See the following images.

      The loss tangent accounts for the hysteresis loss in the core and any conductivity will account for the bulk eddy currents, you don't want to add any Steinmetz core loss coefficients in that case, as that would double count the losses.

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