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General Mechanical

Modelling a Press Fit in Ansys Discovery

    • Thanh Son Le

      I am currently exploring Discovery to understand its capabilities and where it might fit in my team's workflow. A common simulation we do is a press fit, where a cylindrical plug is fit in an originally narrower clinydrical bore. Pre-Assembly dimensions:

      In Mechanical, it is possible to assemble the two components with a slight overlap, which gets automatically resolved by deforming the sleeve until the needle OD and sleeve ID are touching (no loads, defined only by a fixed support on top of the sleeve and a frictional contact between the sleeve ID and needle OD).

      In Discovery the overlapping geometry does not get resolved in the same way. I tried increasing the detection radius factor in the contact setting (1, 10, 50, 100), in case Discovery did not register the ID and OD as a contact pair, but the overlap remained. Is there a different way to simulate a press fit with a sleeve narrower than its plug in Discovery?

    • Ankush Choudhary

      Hi, Please follow the below Ansys tutorial.


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