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General Mechanical

Modelling a transversely isotropic biologic tissue

    • goncalofaria7

      Hello everyone,

      In order to do my master thesis in Finite Element Analysis, I'm doing research about the periodontal ligament in dental mechanics.

      This tissue (green) is composed by a compressible matrix (water, glicoproteins...) and collagen incompressible fibers.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      ,nThere is no direct transversely isotropic model available but you could define it using an orthotropic model with a local coordinate system. Check this You may want to look at the aniostropic hyperelasticity model available in ANSYS which can be used to model elastomers with reinforcements, and for biomedical materials such as muscles or arteries. It is a potential-based-function with parameters to define the volumetric part, the isochoric part and the material directions. Here is the link,nIshan.n
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