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General Mechanical

Modelling Assumptions to stimulate post tensioned RC beam ?

    • edoniyasbirhanu

      Hello GUYS

      I'm modeling post tensioned RC beam using ANSYS APDL. I use CPT 215 for concrete , REINF264 for Steel and Post tensioned steel strand. I assumed the bond between steel and concrete as perfect bond and I used spring element(COMBIN14) to consider slip between the concrete and post tensioned strand by connecting the the node of the concrete and strand steel. However the the load displacement graph shows higher stiffness before reinforcement was yielding and the displacement already halved as compared to experimental result. My questions are

      1. how the stiffness before reinforcement yielding minimized?
      2. how the ultimate displacement increase?

      I used quarter of simply supported beam to model the problem and large deflection analysis also OFF in my stimulation

      I scaled up by four my load result and no scale up was used for displacement result

      Please help me I'm tired to solve the problem

      Thank you

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