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modelling Cross laminated timber

    • Ciarancad


      I'm interested in modelling the individual laminations of Cross-laminated timber members with their respective properties which are different in each orthogonal direction, but i cannot find any information on how to go about this. Has anybody had any experience with modelling Cross laminated timber in Ansys Workbench? I've only been using the student version of Ansys for a couple of months so apologies if this has been answered before.



    • peteroznewman
      In Engineering Data you can create a material and use Orthotropic Elasticity. That will allow the properties of wood to be different in along the grain, in the radial and transverse directions.
      You can also define a stackup of layers of wood with different directions.
      It will be easier to help you if you show the geometry of what you want to model and describe the layer thickness and the overall thickness of the part.
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