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General Mechanical

Modelling diffuse and localized necking (plastic instability) in Al 1235 in displacement control

    • drssj


      I am trying to see if any model in Ansys can capture both the diffuse and localized necking in a thin (30 microns) highly ductile material (Al 1235). I have reviewed some prior discussion threads and answers by @peteroznewman and the wonderful tutorials but I am still a little lost. The sample is a dogbone specimen (W=12.5mm, Gauge length = 30 mm) in displacement control mode I loading and I think I should be using the Gurson model since its highly ductile but I am not sure how to approach it correctly. The aim is to compliment my experimental results with FEA but as I understand, the instability problem is a challenging one. 

      I have done some static structural analyses in Ansys WB but never done explicit stuff. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


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