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Modelling EPS FOAM for impact analysis

    • Yspartan


      I am currently doing impact testing of a helmet in which I am using EPS foam as the pad. The EPS foam is modeled using multilinear kinematic hardening model but it seems to give inaccurate deformation when compared to actual results. I had to reduce density of the material in comparison to what was used in actual impact test of the helmet to find similar results. Is there a better way to model the EPS foam?

      I know its a crushable foam and the ansys material model that allows you to use crushable foam asks for material properties that I don't have and don't know how to determine.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      hi @Yspartan, for every project, research is an import aspect which will help you to know the the essentials and basics to achieve a better outcomes so i am putting down the basic foam properties that you can use to model an draft simulation.
      usually with foams , there are special material models such as crushable foams, an sample of foam can be seen in following image

      you can perform an Tensile testing and find the Volumetric strain and Maximum Principal stress and use that data in here.
      Calculating the Volumetric strain via Experiment
      Calculating the Maximum Principal stress as per your textbook reference.
      cheers, Ram
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