Modelling Fluid behaviour in a shaker (Resodyn Acoustic Mixing)

    • Crimson

      Hi I am trying to model the a behaviour of a fluid inside a shaker. In this case the shaker is a Resodyn Acoustic mixer which oscillates vertically. It has a frequency of 60Hz and a acceleration range between 10 and 100g which you can set.

      However regardless of how I do it I keep getting this error: https://www.cfd-online.com/Forums/cfx/209585-error-002100080-has-occurred-subroutine-check_normv.html However the object isn't rotating so options 1 and 2 shouldnt be an issue. I have also tried resolving option 3 to no avail so it shouldnt be that either.

      I have tried it with a variety of geometries. Even keeping it as simple as modelling the shaker action in a cylinder.

      The movement of the shaker was simulated by setting Wall V to (sin(pi*t)/1)*(1[m]/1)

      A variety of mix materials have been modelled as well including homogeneous ones of air or water.

      I'm not sure how to go about modelling a shaker in ANSYS so if someone could link an article detailing how to do it or advise me on the procedure it would be much appreciated

      Thank you


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