Modelling Heat Flow in soil using Ansys Fluent

    • vsjay3

      Hi Everyone,

      As part of my research I'm using Ansys Fluent to model :

      1) Heat flow through compacted soil (clay) with an embedded ground heat exchanger

      2) Heat flow through compacted soil (clay) without an embedded ground heat exchanger

      For both above cases I simply need to obtain the resulting temperature contours. I would only be modelling heat flow through the soil medium and not water flow.  Water flow will only occur inside the ground heat exchange pipe.

      I am new to Ansys Fluent and apologize if this is a very basic question:

      Now, I have the required properties of the compacted soil (Density, thermal conductivity etc.) but I'm not sure if to model the compacted soil medium in Fluent as a "Porous" medium or simply a "Solid" medium.

      I've read some papers on similar modelling approaches but I could not find a clear answer to this.

      Hence, any advice on the above matter would be much appreciated.Thank you!

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