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Modelling Material Random Element wise Distribution in Ansys WB

    • Abhinaba

      I would like to carry out simulation of single strand of alginate material with element wise randomly distributed human cells in Ansys workbench. Since alginate is a hypoelastic material therefore addition of human cell material alters the nature of the strand. I have already carried out the experimental tests and would like to verify the results with that of finite element simulation. After meshing the approximate number of elements are 24 lakhs. Out of that almost 6 lakh elements would be of human cell material and rest elements would be of alginate.

      I would like to request the experts here to guide me on how can I model the element wise random distribution of human cells in Ansys workbench? Since in reality the human cells are randomly distributed therefore I need to process the same in simulation work.

      Thank you

    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      If you want to alter the elements randomly in a single body in a named selection of mybod use a command object like this under static structural: 






      ect=arg1                 ! set arg1 to be the number of elements to be modified









      mp,ex,mpmax,2e6    ! put in new material definition via MP and TB commands

      emod,all,mat             ! changes the mat attribute for all selected elements





      If multiple bodies are involved then the above will not work as it depends on there being a continuous set of element id numbers. 


    • Abhinaba

      In my simulation problem there is a single body but while defining material to the body I require to give 1/3rd of the total number of mesh elements a particular material and the rest 2/3rd mesh elements some different material. Moreover, while defining materials they need to be done randomly so that there is some random distribution of two type of material. 

      Please, help me out!

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