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Modelling metal nanoparticles for SPR

    • Debasish Biswasray


      I am trying to model an array of metal nanoparticles to find the extinction cross-section (absorption + scattering cross-sections). I have taken a large number of nanoparticles in the FDTD cell and calculated the extinction section spectra. In order to modify the extinction cross-section, I always have to change position and size of the nanoparticles. To get the desired extinction cross-section spectra (increased the FWHM), I have to follow a trail-and-error method like this. I change the size and position of some of the nanoparticles and check the spectrum.

      I want to know what are the parameters that can be changed to increse the FWHM of the extinction cross-section spectra.

      Also, is there any method to change the size and position of the nanoparticles with a few parameters, not by changing them for individual nanoparticles?

      Thank you, in advance.


    • Devika Padmakumar Nair
      Ansys Employee


      You can try using parameter sweep ( Parameter sweeps, Optimization and Monte Carlo analysis overview – Ansys Optics ).

      Training material available here : Running a Simulation Using Ansys Lumerical Scripting — Lesson 1 - ANSYS Innovation Courses.

      In this case can set "the size and position" as parameters to optimize and find the optimum value.



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