Ansys Free Student Software

Ansys Free Student Software

Modelling microwave waveguides – which module do I use?

    • wokka7777

      OK, dumb question, but with the Student Ansys Workbench, what do I need to use to do microwave waveguide modelling? 

      I'm completely new to Ansys, so am bumping into walls a bit learning how to use it.....

      As an ex-aircraft mechanic mate of mine used to say - if you found a spare bolt after the aircraft engine went back together, there was no such thing as a dumb question............ actually, it was written in huge 6' tall letters inside the aircraft hangar....  



    • peteroznewman

      ANSYS has a product called HFSS that I believe can do microwave waveguide modelling, but that license is not included in the free Student license.

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