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Modelling of a PZT Piezoelectric Patch in Ansys WorkBench

    • pablitodane

      Dear All,

      I am trying to model a piezoelectric PZT patch in Ansys Workbench, and I am encountering some problems. The system is the one shown in the following picture, where there is a PZT layer applied to a Structural Steel beam:


      Once modelled everything, I used a APDL command to give some piezoproperties to the body which represents the piezo patch.

      In case I use the element type solid226 (the exact command line is et,matid,226,1001 ), the system gives me no error, but obviously the high amount of nodes which the solid226 element type represents gives me bigger Mass and Stiffness matrices which are a bit heavy to be dealt with at a later stage.

      Therefore, in order for me to get lighter matrices, I decided to use the element type solid5, which is supposed to have only a linear element order for the mesh. I used the command line et,matid,solid5,3 but, once running the simulation, no result is outputted and the program cannot complete the simulation.

      Any ideas of why this could happen?

      Thank you very much for your help.

      Paolo Danesini

    • peteroznewman

      Dear Paolo,

      When bending solid elements, it is required to have two or more elements through the thickness. I see only one element in your image.

      I also see very few nodes in your mesh, regardless of whether linear or quadratic elements are used. You are a long way from exceeding the Student license limit of 32,000 nodes + elements.

      If you are concerned with having a very small model for a later stage (transient dynamics?), then why not use shell elements for the steel beam, then you don't need multiple elements through the thickness to represent bending, the shell elements have that covered.

      I don't know what you mean by getting no results as there are so many ways a solve can fail. Please follow these directions to attach an archive to your reply. Also say what version of ANSYS you are using.

      Peter Newman

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