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General Mechanical

Modelling of composite layered cylindrical parts in Mechanical Workbench

    • theomrc

      Hi everyone

      I am working on a project where we aim to produce a composite rescue shovel through resin transfer molding.

      I am currently trying to test the behavior of a composite tube which will later become the arm of the shovel. Thus, I have created a (oversimplified) cylindrical hollow surface in SpaceClaim, defined a layered section with a few UD epoxy+carbon layers (using the default coordinate system), assessed a simple axial stress to one side of the structure, and a fixed constraint on the other. I obtain highly unphysical results, for example a higher displacement with 0°-orientation fibers than with 90°, or a bending effect with both symmetrical and assymmetrical laminae.

      My guess would be that the coordinate system I used is wrong and the reference 0°-orientation is not the one I think it is (axis of the tube).

      Could someone please help me on that one ?


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