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Modelling PEMEC or SOEC electrolyzer in ANSYS Fluent?

    • raulsotillo

      Hello everyone.

      For my Master Thesis, I tried to simulate a PEMEC electrolyser, in where I fed it with H2O and I'd get H2 in the cathode and O2 in the anode. The protons would pass through the membrane. I ended up noticing that Fluent doesn't support Electrolysis with two phases, so only High-Temperature Electrolysis is supported.

      That meant that I had to focus now on SOEC. When I model I noticed that, if I select the right source terms (production of O2 in the anode and production of H2 in the cathode), then my electrolyser doesn't work. If I select the opposite, which means that if I try to create H2 in the anode and O2 in the cathode, it works.

      Also, it is worth appreciating that the source term seems that consider that the H2 reaction for electrolysers is taking place in the anode, as well as the O2 reaction would take place in the cathode.

      I still haven't got a proper solution to my simulations, either they produce no Hydrogen nor Oxygen or they got produced on the wrong side, and I would like to get some advice on how to model the electrolyser.

      Thank you so much,


    • raulsotillo
      I attach this image from the ANSYS Guide, referring to the source terms.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      May I please know which version you are using?
    • Rejath Kumar Ramachandran
      Hello raulsotillo, in my thesis project also i'm doing fluent simulation on hydrogen electrolyser. Can you help me with how to learn regarding this as im not from chemistry background??
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