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General Mechanical

Modelling Retaining wall

    • VinayN

      I want to model a retaining wall, to perform dynamic analysis. I've modelled the basic wall. Now I need to add the soil component around the wall. I don't want to put the forces on wall directly after calculating then as we do it in STAAD. Is it possible ? How do I go about it ?

      Thank You.

    • peteroznewman

      What material properties do you have for the soil?

      Is there different strata that you want to model?

      What is the construction of the wall?

      What is the transient load that you want to simulate?

      Acceleration from an earthquake? 

      Do you have the transient data?

    • VinayN

      Thank you. I am just starting with ansys, just have basic modelling knowledge

      1) cohesion, angle of internal friction and density

      2) same type of soil throughout the wall height

      3) RCC cantilever type retaining wall

      4) No data for the model earthquake as of now


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