Modelling Solid Fuel Regression and Deformation With Combustion?

    • bradcroteau


      I need to model the transition of solid, and powdered fuels when in the presence of sufficient oxidizer and temperature from their solid states into gas; followed by the combustion of the fuel/air gas mixture, and the subsequent effects on fluid flow properties through my model (the complete combustion cycle for a fuel and oxidizer in any of the three given material states).

      For the solid and possibly powdered fuels I would also really like to be able to model their regression/deformation over the course of a burn, not just assuming that the fuel's present in a liquid or gaseous state at some static solid/fluid interface. i.e. If the fuel regresses away from the flame such that the flame is starved of fuel then the combustion stops, or if the combustion is throttled to extinction then the structure of non-combusted fuel is graphically evident within the solid fuel grain.

      Any commentary on how to achieve such a simulation is greatly appreciated! A 2D representation of a 3D combustion chamber is sufficient detail.

      Thank you

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