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Modifying materials from Self-heating in AlGaInAs-InP multi-quantum well (MQW) laser example

    • Altair45


      This is the link that I'm currently working on it. I'm trying to change material from quaternary(AlGaInAs) to ternary(InGaN for MQW and wave guide, AlGaN for cladding layer). I'm not 100% sure that which parameters should be changed at the scripts. It is certain that 'material_interpolation_for_index_model.lsf' and 'material_parameters_for_index_model.lsf' should be modified but not so sure about others. Could you tell me what parts should be modified in other scripts?

      Thank you

    • Khashayar Ghaffari
      Ansys Employee
      Hi As you know this would be any files/parameters that are material specific. For example:
      Input.lsf: x and y composition, strain in well and barrier material, density fitting parameter, etc.
      runFDEmaterial.lsf: the calculated index here is specific to the material.
      mqw.ldev (in GUI workflow): materials used in the simulation should be adjusted (more description provided in step 2.2 of the example).
      runMQW.lsf: name of the new materials should be updated at top of the script.
      I don't think this list is exhaustive but should give you an idea for where to look. Additionally, there's a table provided in "Important model settings" section that lists how some of the parameters are chosen. You will find that many of these are taken from the referenced paper and are material specific.
      Best regards
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