Modifying Turbulence models to account for anisotropy

    • Luke Driver

      I'm currently studying compressible flows, and there is a lot of literature that suggests that there is anisotropy in supersonic compressible flow. I am currently using the k-w-SST turbulence model, although currently, I have to calibrate the closure coefficients to match my experimental results. Is there any way to modify the equations that I solve by adding a QCR (quadratic constitutive relation) model or say including additional anisotropy terms in the Reynolds stress calculation?

      I think calibrating the coefficients to my case is good enough, but it would be nice to see if its possible to add these.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee


      You might want to try with the RSM model, which shows greater accuracy for anisotropy is taken into account. Here is more information: 4.10.1. Overview (ansys.com)

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