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Module required for file type: AUTODYNSaveFile not install

    • chine2020

      I have ANSYS 2020R1 and as far I can tell autodyn is installed looking at the installation log.

      I have PATH set to point to ANSYS/2020R1/v201/autodyn/bin, ANSYS/2020R1/v201/autodyn/bin/linx64, ANSYS/2020R1/v201/autodyn/usrsub/linx64 and LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to point to ANSYS/2020R1/v201/autodyn/lib/linx64.

      I gets "Framework error caught: ...project contains data that requires software modules that are not installed ...Module required for file type: AUTODYNSaveFile"

      Anyone know what else I need to have AUTOSYNSaveFile module install?

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