More elegant control of mesh through thickness?

    • nwins

      I've been struggling trying to get the rule of thumb for 3 elements through the thickness of a relatively thin part. There are several bodies in the model but I'm focusing on one at a time. I've seen that I can use an Edge Sizing divisions control (Mesh/Edge Sizing/Number of Divisions) and in certain geometry this will sufficiently slice through the whole layer and subdivide. However, in this case, the edge control only works for the first element, then quickly rolls off. Are there any suggestions to better control this behavior?

      I could see slicing the body as a potential solution, but if there are other faster/more elegant ways of doing this I would be quite curious.

      A little background:

      -Part of a rotary assembly.

      -Fillets are modeled in some of the geometry

      -Made using DesignModeler

      -Cyclic Region is used

      -This is part of a parametric study, so ideal is to control the subdivisions regardless of the thickness of the plate.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
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