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General Mechanical

More info on “new” Contact Dection Methods?


    • Shahriar


      Can you please provide me more info on the "new" contact dection methods:

      Nodal - Dual Shape Function ProjectionThe contact detection location is at contact nodal points in an overlapping region of the Contact and Target surfaces (Dual Shape function projection-based method). This option is efficient in terms of solution performance and memory usage and generally remedies potential over constraint due to MPC equations.
      CombinedThe Mechanical APDL solver will use the optimized detection approach based on the bodies in contact.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      Any public information about this topic is in our help manual, and can be found there.


      Thank you



    • Shahriar

      Please provide a link. I have already searched the help and could not find it.

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