More than 100 percent relative humidity

    • Sliceee123

      Hello all

      I am doing CFD simulation for air humidification , I am giving inlet air has 25 deg Celsius and relative humidity of 35% as there are no options for giving relative humidity as a boundary condition so I converted that relative humidity into mass fraction at inlet . But after the solution got converged when I am viewing the relative humidity at inlet it is showing 140% but the correct mass fraction is shown , and at the outlet the humidity is around 1500% , very high mass fraction of water vapor , how to deal with such cases please help .

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Check the boundary conditions, the easiest way is to initialise the model at the inlet conditions so you can confirm you got the RH to mass fraction conversion correct. As Fluent doesn't automatically turn on a condensation model it's common to see high RH values in some models, but 1500% is somewhat higher than I'd expect.
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