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More than 6 Usermat Material Constants

    • janot.lubritz


      ich am struggling with the definition of my USERMAT. My Problem is that I want to define more than 6 Material Constants for my User Material but Ansys always just recognizes 6 of them. 

      In APDL I am calling it just like always with the following lines:


      And in the USERMAT I defined several variables with the prop(1) to prop(8). Up until 6 Props everything worked fine but starting with the 7th Prop Ansys still says that "props" is an array with 6 elements and the 7th and onward element are a really small number (1e-154) and almost zero. I looked for any hard coded definitions in the USERMAT code but I cannot find anything and in the USERMAT material it says that "nprop" is defined by the NPTS of the "TB,USER,MAT,TPOINT,NPTS".

      Can anybody help me with that problem? I am feeling a bit stupid to ask such an easy question but I just cannot find the mistake I'm making.


      Thank you so much in Advance!


    • David Weed
      Ansys Employee

      Hi, the TBDATA command can only take six values per command:

      You can specify values for up to six constants per TBDATA command. Issue the command multiple times if needed.

      So, to define eight constants do this:



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