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    • junaed.buet

      Hello, I used Motor Cad nissan leaf motor tutorial to make the geometry of a nissan leaf motor. Here the given value of winding extension is 5mm and stator lamination length is 160 mm. From the geometry it does not seem that way. The winding extension (5mm) seems larger with repect to tator lamination length (160 mm). The stator length is approximately 32 times larger than winding extension but from the figure, the end winding extension seem larger, only 5.5 times lower than 160 mm. Kindly clear my confusion.


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee


      Hi junaed.buet,

      It is not the total winding extension from the stator. You can refer to the Motor-CAD help section- "End Winding Overhang Calculation" for further details.




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