Motor-CAD inductance calculation

    • KlemenD

      I am analyzing 9-phase PMSM with surface-mounted magnets in Motor-CAD E-magnetic. I am trying to obtain Inductance waveforms between phases depending on the rotor position for a given operating point (saturation included).

      Inductance waveforms are calculated when the "Self and Mutual Inductance" performance test option is selected. There are 2 calculation methods available: "DC" and "Small signal", the latter is only available for a three-phase machine.)

      It seems that the "DC" method ignores iron saturation and therefore gives unsatisfactory results. It seems that the "Small signal" method is performing better and includes the effect of iron saturation. 

      In literature, a frozen-permeability paradigm (e.g. https://www.femm.info/wiki/FrozenBenchmark) is a defacto method for calculating inductance when saturation is present.

      1. Does "Small-signal" method actually rely on the frozen-permeability paradigm? I have not found any such hint in the documentation.
      2. Why is the "Small-signal" method limited to 3-phase motors?
      3. Is there any workaround to determine angle dependent phase inductances when saturation is present?
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