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Motor-CAD PMSG Design Laggin Mode


    • Bahaddin Göksun

      I am designing a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator in the Motor-Cad application, specifically in the BPM tab. I need to operate the model in lagging mode, using a sine wave as the drive signal. However, I couldn't determine the exact point of phase angle where the machine should operate in lagging mode, and for the lagging mode points that I have found, lagging power factor has minus sign. Is it correct? Thanks for your answer.

    • Faezeh Ladani
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Bahaddin,

      The question goes beyond the scope for Ansys Employee to answer on a public forum. Hopefully, other forum users chime in. Also, if you have access to customer portal, please submit a ticket and our engineers will work with you one-on-one on that. 


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