Moving 3D body in Fluent

    • jaina


       We are trying to simulate heat transfer and fluid dynamics due to a 3D solid body immersed in a fluid and moving at a constant speed. The body is hotter than the fluid, and therefore, some heat transfer occurs. We are able to do this in 2D, but are running into trouble when doing it in 3D. We have installed Visual Studio and wrote the UDF and saved it as .C file. However, we receive the following error message.

      Error: The UDF library you are trying to load (C:UsersDaipayanDesktopDarshanManuscript 3_Secondary heaterAnsys Model set-upExtruderHeater_movement_filesdp0FFFFluentlibudf) is not compiled for 3d on the current platform (win64).nnThe system cannot find the file specified.

      Enclosed jpg file contains a brief screenshot of the geometry.

      Your help in fixing this issue will be much appreciated. 




    • Karthik R

      Hello Ankur,

      I am posting an old thread as a response to your question. Here are some answers provided by Rahul and Vishal about the list of compilers based on the Ansys releases. Please make sure you have the correct version. 


      You might also want to check-out the link shared by Vishal.

      I hope this helps.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,


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