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Moving load in ANSYS workbench

    • Cpwtub

      Hi Guys,

      I am trying to model High speed train induced vibrations. My main aim is to model the train induced vibration on soft soils ( layered soil). For this i need to bring train moving on the track and the underground. I can calculated the Dynamic train load time history lower edge of the sleeper. I need to apply this load on the track model and moving of the load with the time. Is there any possibility to do this in ANSYS Workbench..

      Thank you very much

      Appreciate your kind attention and Help

    • peteroznewman
    • Cpwtub

      Hi  ,  I want to apply forces on nodes in a loop. Forces, I have as tables, which represents time dependent forces.  Is it possible to do this inside the loop.  i tried the following loop. But since F command waits for %tables%, so the following the looping was not possible .. Can you please help me,


      Thank you

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