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translating geometry in CFD post


    • Daniel Thompson

      I have 4 geometries in CFD post and one of them is not aligned with the others so I moved it using () so that I can use the same planes and during comparison charts and contours etc. However when I do this the plots or planes I get are in the original position of the geometry and there for it is as if I never moved the geometry, as shown in the image below. (image shows the same planes but on the two geometries they are in different locations)


      How do I get it so that the plots on this geometry are in the same location as the others?

      thank you 



    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Daniel,

      I recommend you to select one particular geometry at one instance and then create a plane at particular location where you want the plot and then create a isosurface at same location then choose the contour or plot the required variable on that. Repeat the same for the other geometries with same location. By this way you can get results at your desired location. I hope this helps you.


      Chaitanya natraj


    • Daniel Thompson



      How do I create an isosurface of a plane? It only lets me select a domain rather than a specific location. Also will this enable me to make plots of of all the geometries at the same time as this is what I am having issues with the chart only allows me to make a graph of a single poly line.


      What does the apply translation do. It seems to only visually move the part but doesn't actually move anything since the location is still the same. Is this correct



    • jhone snow

      How do you translate geometry mate can you please guide me, do you take any translation services from anywhere?

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