MPC Approach using ANSYS

    • abir19

      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to establish solid-shell-solid mesh having three sandwiched layered components, the top and bottom layers are of exact same thickness, whereas the middle layer is very thin compared to the thickness of the top and bottom layer. I am finding difficulty to make the connection between solid and shell elements. Moreover, the middle layer component has also a very low elastic modulus compared to the top and bottom ones. Can anyone help me regarding this ?


      Thank You. 


    • peteroznewman

      Why have you selected shell elements for the thin center layer?  I recommend you use solid elements for the thin center layer.

      Why do you want to use Bonded Contact? I recommend you use Shared Topology to have the three solid bodies share nodes at the top and bottom face of the thin center solid with the thick top and bottom bodies.

      Are you using SpaceClaim or DesignModeler?  They both support Shared Topology, but there are different operations to enable that. If you use Shared Topology, you won't need Bonded Contact.

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