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General Mechanical

    • Anas7allak

      Hi, Every Body,

      I'm doing now creep Simulation of normal sample for a tensile test using Ansys workbench. So I fix the sample at one edge and pull it from the other one with increasing forces at a constant temperature. I put all the need data including Combined time hardening coefficients. The simulation is done and I got the result.

      now if I want to calculate the creep strain using origin software so just mathematically. I have put all the Combined time hardening coefficients in the equation, the time and the temperature which is constant, and the stress which I got from Workbench in the used equation in the software.

      the problem here I got two different values for creep strain?

      I tried that with normal stress, intensity one all possible stresses? could you please tell me where is my mistake?

      I would appreciate it

      Best regards


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