• vaf1998

      Dear Ansys support team Hello, my name is Victor Fernandes and I am an Engineering Student at the University of Brighton. For my final year project i would like to investigate the utilization of graphene coating or application on aerofoils such as aircraft wings or formula one aerodynamic applications such as the nose wing or the rear wing. With this being said, and with some experience using Ansys student, is there a way i could apply a fine layer of graphene on an aerofoil of a specifc material (i.e. carbon fibre) and then perform a simulation. Ive already done some investigation and calculations demonstrating the significant reducation of drag using graphene, however i would now want to apply the work i have done to real life scenarios, thus wanting to perform this simulation. Please consider my request and thank you for reading my email, im looking forward to hearing back. Here are my contact details:  Kindest regards, Victor

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you're looking at CFD then the coating is simply an adjustment of the wall shear stress, so read through the wall functions and boundary settings. 

      I've deleted your contact details: please keep conversations on the Community so others can learn from the answers. Moving to Fluids too. 

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