MRF Dampening Final Year Project

    • JamieMyersMechStudent

      In short, I am developing a rotational dampener using Magnetoreothorical fluid and need help to work out how to set up such a model for analysing. Unfortunately, due to current Covid-19 situation, my university has restricted access which is making it difficult to get help on this.  Currently, I am just attempting to model the device without a magnetic field and just the fluid (oil-based liquid) and the effects of stresses, strains and forces on the model. 


      From my literature review:


      Characteristics of MRF dampening devices indicate the liquid has shear flow properties with the main working principle being the retroflexion of the MRF which attribute to the dynamic yield stress used to determine the damping force-displacement curve (Lui et al. 2016). Moghadam et. al (2019) modelled the yield strength vs. Magnetic field intensity using both Dissipative Particle Dynamics modelling (DPD) and the Carlson Model.



    • Karthik R


      I'm unable to understand your question. Could you please help us understand what you are looking for?

      Thank you.

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    • JamieMyersMechStudent

      To start with I'm looking to model the dampening effects (viscosity) of the fluid on the device. Then the magnetic field when the iron particle is added to the fluid which will increase the shear stress of the fluid and increase the dampening effect on the rotating dampener (the second pic shows different configurations of dampeners the fluid will be acting on). I can send through a paper that would help you understand better if you like?

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