MSMD battery model

    • shahidali227

      Hello all.

      I am simulating a single battery via ANSYS fluent. But, when I put the nominal capacity and reference capacity the same and 0 DOD, the iteration stopped after 2-time steps and give me the following error

      "User-defined stop condition is reached!

      Use (rpsetvar 'user-defined-stop? #f) to proceed if stop condition is relaxed.

      Calculation complete."

      Please help me

    • alluch94
      check your voltage min and voltage max.
      Can you give more images about the procedure you are doing also.
    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      Thank you for your suggestion!
    • shahidali227
      Thank you very much, I found that I m having a problem with U and Y coefficients. My DOD is 0, when I change the first value of the U or Y coefficient then the simulation runs completely, but the results are not accurate. Can you please tell me how can I calculate the U and Y coefficient values. And I don't have any experimental data.

      Please guide me, sir.
      Many thanks
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