MSMD battery model with fitting results HPPC test

    • Arman Burkitbayev

      Hi everyone, 

      Can you help me please with fitting results HPPC test problem?

      I did experimental HPPC test. (1 hour rest period, 5 minutes relaxation period and 10 seconds pulse.)

      and I uploaded inside MSMD battery model. 

      as you can see from picture, it is shwoing a problem. 

      if I did wrong test, then it should show that all the data is inccorect. but there are only some of them incorrect. 

      can anyone help me please?

    • Chinmay19

      Hello Arman,

      Do following changes in the hppc test and you may get curve fitting.

      1. relaxtion between 60 to 100 sec.
      2. discharge for 20 sec.
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