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MSMD battery module in Fluent-Material properties UDS diffusivity doesn’t come

    • Fatih Koçuşağı

      Hi dear sir/madam

      I am a student and I am working a termal transient analysis in Fluent. I have ansys 2021R1 but I dont have 2021R1 fluent tutorial pdf's. I know MSMD battery model settings but ı dont know 21 version. Can you help me for my finally researching. I want to 2021 fluent MSMD tutorial pdf. In 2018 version, when we write code 'define models addon-module' and click 8, we can see newer material properties electrical conductivity and UDS diffusivity. But 2021R1 version this is a problem. That is more complex comparted with 2018. Can you send me all tutorial battery model pdf's.

      If you know any other way for 2021R1, can you share with us.

      Thank you all

      Fatih Kocusagi

      Cukurova University-Mechanical engineering

    • Murari Iyengar
      Ansys Employee
    • Fatih Koçuşağı

      Thank you but I am a student and I cant reach my customer id (number). Can you send me as a pdf to my student e-mail address.


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