Multi Reference Frame-2D Turbine Rotor

    • Ashishsteag


      I am working on a 2D rotor blade profile. I have created three cell zones.Starting from the left direction I named them part 1,part 2 and part 3.The rotational speed is 74.6 rad/sec (712 rpm)for part 2 while the remaining two of them are stationary.It's a transient simulation with fractional step method.

      Inside the cell zone condition, i have selected the frame motion for part 2(rotor cell zone) as shown below:

      And additionally, I have opted for moving wall as shown below which is at a zero relative velocity with reference to the adjacent cell zone as shown below

      When I am post processing the result for the resultant streamlines,I cannot see swirl on the exit of the rotor.Also,the moving wall as selected doesn't seems to move with time.What i am getting instead are straight streamlines as shown below:

      Could you please tell me how do i resolve this issue of non-moving wall and no exit swirl.Additionally, I am also getting reverse flow conditions at the pressure inlet and outlet faces.


      Thank you

    • seeta gunti
      Ansys Employee


      I hope you have good mesh for modeling MRF.

      Reverse flow can be avoided by extending your inlet and outlet domains. 

      Since you are solving as transient, you can try with mesh motion instead of frame motion and create the animation of streamlines and mesh. You can see the motion of the blade how the flow field looks like.



    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Please check following totorial

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